Improvements in and relating to Pneumatic Tyres.

  • Inventors: HUGH COYLE
  • Assignees: Hugh Coyle
  • Publication Date: April 16, 1903
  • Publication Number: GB-190304788-A


4788. Coyle, H. March 2. Ty re s, pneumatic.-A p n e u - matic t y r e is provided with two or more reserve inner air tubes, which can be utilized in case of puncture on a journey. The reserve tubes 1<a>, 2<a>, Fig. 3, are placed between the main tube 3<a> and the rim. The valves for the respective tubes are placed at different positions round the wheel, and the reserve tubes are provided with passages 4, Fig. 4, for the passage of the valve tubes belonging to the outer air tubes. The air tubes may be cemented together.




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