Video tape recorder


PURPOSE: To secure the band of a chrominance signal and to expand the band on a luminance signal by recording a voice signal compressed with time base and the chrominance signal on the depth of a magnetic tape. CONSTITUTION: A Y/C separator 2 separates the luminance signal from the chrominance signal, and the respective signals are supplied to a luminance signal recording processing circuit 3 and a chrominance signal recording processing circuit 4. Time base compression circuits 10 and 11 compress the voice signal inputted based on the gate signal supplied from a gate circuit 7 with time base. In this case, the voice signal is compressed on the time base to be deeply recorded on a track for signal recording along with the chrominance signal, and the luminance signal is to be recorded on it. At the time of the reading of the signal, the luminance signal is reproduced, and the chrominance signal and the voice signal compressed with time base are separated based on the separated synchronizing signal, and the signal is reproduced by expanding the voice signal with time base. Thus, the chrominance signal band can be remarkably expanded without narrowing the band of the luminance signal. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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