Paper feed conveying method


PURPOSE: To lower and reduce noises caused by expansion of a paper by lowering the speed of the paper being conveyed by resist rollers until a curved slack of the paper reduces with respect to the paper conveying speed in a paper processor. CONSTITUTION: A feed roller 14 and a separation roller 15 are rotated clockwise by an endless belt 19. Only one sheet of papers 13 is sent to resist rollers 17 by a separation pad of the separation roller 15. At the time that a tip of the paper 13 arrive at a nip between the resist rollers 17 and a predetermined curved slack 20 is formed, the feed roller 14 and the separation roller 15 stop. Thereafter, the resist rollers 17 are driven at a predetermined timing in accordance with a punched base paper 3. The paper 13 is driven at a low speed until the curved slack 20 is dissolved. After the curved slack 20 is dissolved, the speed of the paper is accelerated gradually so as to accord with the peripheral speed of a plate cylinder 1. Accordingly, noises at feeding of papers can be reduced. Thereafter, the punched base paper 3 and the paper 13 are conveyed in a superposed state, so that the paper 13 is printed by an ink 5 and delivered on a paper delivery plate 18. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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