Bendable flexible board and machining method thereof


PURPOSE: To bend a board compactly, and to increase the strength of board itself by irradiating region corresponding to the bending section of the board with a fixed quantity of laser beams, overhauling a film base material and thinning wall thickness thereof. CONSTITUTION: The polyimide film 1 side of a TAB tape is irradiated with a fixed quantity of laser beams 5 through a mask 4 corresponding to the position of bending, and a groove in uniform depth is formed by repeating pulse irradiation while moving a laser beam source in the XY direction up to desired thickness in a polyimide film section 6 at the position bending, thus thinly bending a flexible board without being subject to an effect from the strength of a film base material, then electrically connecting the flexible board to other parts with high reliability. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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