Control method for servo motor


PURPOSE: To effectively remove the influence of disturbance to the servo system low in rigidity of a mechanical system by seeking the estimate of disturbance torque based on a current command and the actual acceleration of a mechanical system, when controlling the speed or the position of the mechanical system low in rigidity, so as to correct the error in control. CONSTITUTION: By feeding back the output of a transfer element 13, that is, the mechanical speed V1 to a control system, a minor loop for correcting the error in control is constituted, and by the estimate of the disturbance torque imposed to the mechanical system, the error in control to the torque command value Tc of a servo motor is corrected. Not the motor speed Vm but the mechanical speed V1 is input into a differential element 15, and the value that the mechanical speed V1 is differentiated is used as an actual speed. This actual acceleration a is compared with the estimated acceleration an of the mechanical system being obtained by converting the torque command signal on the input side of a transfer element 2 so as to estimate the magnitude of the disturbance torque Tb imposed to the mechanical system. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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