Image recorder


PURPOSE: To prevent the mixed use of original plates of different kinds at the time of copying by mounting the original plates on an automatic feed tray or manual feed tray according to the kinds of the original plates and allowing the selection of preferential copying of any. CONSTITUTION: The 1st ray 12 which temporarily stagnates the original directly transported from a printer 1A, the 2nd trays 16a to 16c which temporarily stagnate the originals exclusive of the originals directly transported from the printer, selecting means 124, 125 which select any of the originals in preference among the originals mounted on this tray 12 and 16a to 16c to a color image recorder and a control means CON are provided. The mingling of the original directly transported from the printer device 1A and the other originals is prevented in this way. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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