Analytic simulation system


PURPOSE: To process all the intellectual work of a user in analytic simulation on an interactive mode by making a preprocessor and a postprocessor in an analytic simulation system into one body and constructing a data based to make a form model, analyzing conditions and an analyzed result related. CONSTITUTION: A user inputs the form model of an initial form, prepares an analytic model from the form model and defines the analytic conditions data of material conditions, boundary conditions and so on to the analytic model. Moreover, an analytic program is started by an analysis executing control part 107 and analytic output data are fetched into an interactive operational type program 101 serially with changing analytic input data through an analytic control file 104 and an analytic result file 105. Accordingly, an analyzed result can be displayed at real time. Thus, all the intellectual work can be executed by the interactive operation of a user and a computor. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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