Device for injection to crack


PURPOSE: To stick an injection tube last to the wall of a hole by a method wherein the circumferential surface on the front end part of the injection tube is wrapped with a flexible sleeve with a push tube provided on its base part, and a sleeve-controlling collar which is axially movable is installed between the sleeve and the push tube. CONSTITUTION: An injection tube 3 is formed of a double-tube consisting of an inner tube 38 and an outer tube 32, and circumferential surface of the front end part of the outer tube 32 is wrapped with a sleeve packer 33 made of flexible material. A metallic push tube 35 is installed by loose-fitting to the base side of the sleeve packer, and a sleeve-controlling collar 54 which is axially movable is installed by loose-fitting between the sleeve packer 33 and the push tube 35. After inserting the injection tube 3 into an insert hole 1A, the controlling collar 34 which is being retreated toward the rear side is moved near to the insert hole 1A. With the push tube 35 thrust forward, the inserted part of the sleeve packer 33 is swelled and is made to stuck fast to the wall of the insert hole 1A. Thereby space between the injection tube 3 and the wall of the insert hole 1A can be made liquid-tight. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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