Water supply device with automatic set


PURPOSE: To automatically set ON-OFF of a pump so that the same set can be conducted by any person by providing an intake switch receiving a signal from a pressure transmitter, and pressing the intake switch. CONSTITUTION: When a sluice valve 16 is full closed in the state where an automatic-stop-test changing switch 19 is laid in test position and a pump 10 is manually operated, and an intake switch 18 is pushed during cutoff operation of the pump 10, its signal is transmitted to a memory part 173 and stored as the cutoff pressure P s of the pump. Then, only an outlet valve 15a laid in a maximum height is opened, the actual height H d between a water supply device to a faucet or equipment 15a is determined, and its value is stored. The ON value and OFF value of the pump is operated from each value of P s and H d by an arithmetic part 174 and stored. When the pump 10 is operating, the comparison with the OFF value is conducted, and when it is larger than the OFF value, the pump is stopped. When the pump 10 is stopping, comparison with the ON value is conducted, and when it is smaller than the ON value, the pump is operated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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