Preparation of polyarylenesulfide


PURPOSE: To obtain an article having adhesiveness, rigidity and a high productivity by using the polyphenylenesulfide copolymer having a specific primary structure and melt viscosity. CONSTITUTION: The polyphenylenesulfide copolymer having a primary structure represented by the formula I and II (wherein (m) and (n) represent a mol of 99/1 to 70/30) and a melt flow rate within the range of 0.3-5g/10 minutes when it is measured at 315.5°C and under a load of 345g is prepared by using the orifice having a diameter of 0.0825±0.002 in. and a length of 1.250±0.002 in. The powder of this copolymer is then fused on the metal substrate such as steel plate and pipe preheated to at least 300°C by fluid immersion method and thereafter heat-treated at a temp. not lower than the melting point of the copolymer. By this method, a film body excellent in heat resistance and corrosion resistance is obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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