Halogen-free detergent composition


PURPOSE: To obtain the title composition which can be substituted for fluorocarbon detergents by incorporating a specific amount of a specific nonionic surfactant and/or amine compound in a specific glycol or its ether used as the main component. CONSTITUTION: A halogen-free detergent composition is obtained by mixing 100 pts. glycol or its ether of formula I (wherein R 1 and R 2 are each a 1-12C alkyl, 1-12C alkenyl or H; A is a 2-3C alkylene; (n) is 1-20) with 0.5-30 pts.wt. nonionic surfactant of formula II (wherein R 3 is a 6-26C alkyl or 6-26C alkenyl; A is as defined above; (m) is 1-16) and/or 0.1-30 pts.wt. amine compound of formula III (wherein R 4 is a cycloalkyl, 8-18C alkyl, 8-18C alkenyl or 8-18C acyl; X and Y are each H or (AO) r H; A is as defined above, both X and Y are not H, and (r) is an integer of one or more). The above composition exhibits a high solvency against dirt, and hence it is characterized by short washing time, high safety, good workability due to low foaming property, prevention of environmental problem, etc. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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