Ion implantation apparatus


PURPOSE: To improve the dose uniformity in a wafer face by deflecting ion beams horizontally and vertically by an electric field generated by application of voltage in sine wave with a prescribed amplitude to scan the beam on an eddy track, and making ion beams which are deflected by a prescribed magnetic field in parallel each other. CONSTITUTION: In two pairs of electrodes 3, 4 in horizontal and vertical directions, while ions pass the beam deflecting system, the track of the ion beam is changed horizontally and vertically and draws an eddy owing to an electric field by voltage in sine wave whose amplitude becomes smaller as time passes. Further, Lorenz-force works on the vertical direction against the ion proceeding direction as well as a magnetic field due to the magnetic field of a lot of permanent magnets 6a whose intensity and direction change synchronously with the displacement of this electric field and the proceeding direction is curved, so that the direction and the intensity of the magnetic field 14 are controlled synchronously with the deflection of the electric field and the ion beams become in parallel each other. Consequently, ion beams enter into a wafer with a constant incidence angle and the tracks of the beams do not cross and the dose uniformity in the wafer 1 face is heightened. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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