Switchback traveling control method in industrial vehicle


PURPOSE: To secure quick switchback travel and deceleration being relatively less in a sense of incompatibility by controlling a braking operation with a relationship between time and car speed till the car speed comes zero from a point of forward-backward switch lever selecting time at time of the switchback travel. CONSTITUTION: Each detecting signal out of a car speed detecting sensor 1, an accelerator pedal stroke detecting sensor 2 and a forward-backward switch level position detecting sensor 3 is directly inputted into a central processing unit 4 via an analog-to-digital converter 5, and on the basis of these signals and a signal out of a red-only memory 6, specified operation takes place, outputting the specified output signal. An output signal is inputted into an actuator drive circuit 8 of a braking device 7 from the CPU 4 via a digital-to- analog converter 9. In the above constitution, when a forward-backward switch lever is selected in the opposite direction to the current traveling direction, braking till the car speed comes to zero is decelerated by negative acceleration just as a vehicle mounted with a torque converter. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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