Motor control method for power seat and controller thereof


PURPOSE: To reduce any shock at time of motor starting by delaying a span of time until impressed voltage is reached to the stationary value since a manual switch has been operated, and starting the motor under the controlled impressed voltage in a transient state. CONSTITUTION: When a manual switch 12 is operated in the forward direction of a seat 18, a moving contact 12a is made contact with a fixed contact 12b and a motor controlling relay RL1 is energized, a moving contact 24a of a relay contact 24 is connected to a fixed contact 24c, and a motor M is driven, thus the seat 18 is advanced forward. In a motor controller 10 like this, a delay means 14 subjected to switching is installed in addition. Then, on-off motion of each of transistors TR2, TR3 of a circuit 14b is controllably constituted by charging voltage of a condenser C1 of a time constant circuit 14a, namely, terminal voltage C1, while a resistor R2 of the delay means 14 and the condenser C1 are connected to a winding terminal of the motor M via each of diodes D1, D2 so as to make a current flow simultaneously with drive of the motor attending on transfer of these relay contacts 24, 26. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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