Improved lithographic printing plate material


PURPOSE: To prevent a blur from occurring even through restraint printing is performed by using a widely used printing machine by a method wherein a film or a sheet having polyalkylene resin composition containing a block copolymer of a structure in which a specific quantity of aliphatic double bond is reduced by hydrogen as a main material, is sulfonated. CONSTITUTION: A block copolymer having at least two mono-alkenyl or mono-- alkenyliden aromatic hydrocarbon polymer blocks A and at least one aliphatic conjugate diene hydrocarbon polymer block B to which hydrogen is partially or completely added and of which at least 75% is saturated is mixed by 5-30wt.% in polyalkylene resin composition. After kneading by using a dual extruder, a sheet is prepared by using a pressing machine. This sheet is set in a reaction container equipped with an exhaust pipe and a gas introducing pipe, and sulfonation reaction is performed while a mixed gas current of anhydrous sulfuric acid gas and nitrogen gas are being introduced into the reaction container. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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