Solid-state image pickup device and its manufacture


PURPOSE: To quickly obtain an image pickup device having spectral characteristics capable of satisfying various requirements, by manufacturing an image pickup device having basic spectral characteristics by an on-chip system, and suitably selecting and laminating a glass filter in response to required spectral characteristics. CONSTITUTION: Mosaic type color filter B(3, 5, 7) formed by on-chip system and other mosaic type color filter B of a glass filter C are laminated on a solid-state image pickup device A, as the color filters of a solid-state image pickup device. By selecting and combining the spectral characteristics of each of the color filters 3, 5, 7, synthetic spectral characteristics are adjusted. In order to obtain a device having required spectral characteristics (c), the spectral characteristics (a) of the on-chip filter B are compared with the required spectral characteristics (c). The spectral characteristics necessary for correcting the difference are obtained with a spectral characteristics measuring equipment into which a computer is built. Thereby desired spectral characteristics are obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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