Three-dimensionally shaping device


PURPOSE:To make the formation of material, which has the form desired by a CAD device, possible irrespective of its form by a method wherein an ultraviolet-light irradiating device and an irradiation positioning device are equipped so as to irradiate ultraviolet-curing resin with ultraviolet light under the condition that irradiated positions are shifted so as to cure the positions corresponding to the form designed. CONSTITUTION:An ultraviolet-light irradiating device 200 is equipped with one or a plurality of ultraviolet lasers 201-1 to 201-m. Laser beams, which are generated by said ultraviolet lasers 201-1 to 201-m, convergently irradiate the desired position. Upon the receipt of data on the form designed by CAD, an irradiation positioning device 300, irradiating positions are successively determined on the basis of said data so as to control respective step motors in order to irradiate said irradiating position with the ultraviolet laser 201. For example, when the form of a cup is designed, the parts corresponding to the form of the cup are successively cured through the shifting of the irradiating point from a point (a) through a point (b) to a point (c) in order to cure the whole parts corresponding to the form of the cup.




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