Character input controller


PURPOSE: To quickly execute the movement of a cursor without passing through vacant white space and to eliminate troublesome operation by searching character array for vacant white space information before or after the sentence currently indicated with a cursor and moving the cursor while skipping the vacant space based on the vacant white space information. CONSTITUTION: In the character array incorporating vacant while space where no character is inputted, a cursor moving destination retrieving means 4 detects 'vacant white space + one character' or 'one character + vacant white space' before and after the sentence currently indicated with the cursor and obtains the vacant while space information. A cursor moving means 3 moves the cursor from the current position to the head or end position of the next sentence without passing through the vacant white space. Thus, the movement of the cursor can be quickly executed without passing through the vacant white space and the troublesome operation can be eliminated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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