Rubber crawler belt for crawler vehicle


PURPOSE: To facilitate mounting of a crawler belt by forming a rubber crawler unto a beltlike connection and fixedly securing shaft supports on both ends, journaling connecting metal fittings composed of split type members having mutually engaging teeth on respective shaft supports, and engaging these teeth together and tightening them with bolts. CONSTITUTION: Shaft supports 20 having forked bosses 22 with drilled shaft holes 21 are welded to core metals 12 on both ends of one connection of rubber crawler belt 10, and a split type member 31 having a tooth 33 with a shaft 23 is journaled between the forked bosses 22 of the shaft support 20. The other split type member 35 constituting connecting metal fittings 30 together with the split type member 31 is welded to the core metal 12, vulcanized and molded in one body with a lug 41 out of rubber, to constitute a connecting crawler plate 40. The teeth 33, 36 of the split type members 31, 35 are engaged with each other, the members 31, 35 are tightened with bolts 38, and hence the crawler belt is connected in a ringlike shape. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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