Liquid crystal projector


PURPOSE: To offer a liquid crystal projector which can obtain a video having a correct color without being influenced by the color of a projected surface by providing a correcting means for correcting the shade of the video projected according to the color of the projected surface. CONSTITUTION: A correcting switch 10 is operated to be turned on in a state where the video based on a normal video signal is projected on the projected surface 6, a controlling signal is outputted from a correcting and switching circuit 9 and a sensor 7 and a correcting circuit 8 become an action state, and also a video switching circuit 3 is switched to the state where a reference white signal is outputted instead of the normal video signal, then the video is enlarged and projected to the projected surface 6 by a projecting part 5 through a video outputting circuit 4. And the reference white signal from the sensor 7 and the reference white signal from a reference signal generating circuit 2 obtained by receiving projected light from the projecting part 5 and reflected at the projected surface 6 are compared each other at the correcting circuit 8, the correcting signal according to the compared result is outputted to the video outputting circuit 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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