Image forming device


PURPOSE: To improve image quality by imparting electrical charge of the same polarity or the opposite polarity with the toner image on a surface of a fixing film or a pressurizing member. CONSTITUTION: A transfer material sheet P carrying an unfixed toner image Ta on its upper surface is passed through in a state of being layered with a lower surface of a fixing film 7 between a heating body 1 and a pressurizing roll 10 receiving sandwitching force. The sheet P is separated by curvature from the film 7 at an edge part S and fed to a paper ejecting tray. The toner is sufficiently cooled and solidified by this time, and becomes a toner image TC. At this time, the electrical charge of the toner image and the surface of the film 7 is electrified to the same polarity, for example, by a corona generat ing device 13, is repulsed from each other with Coulomb's force and no offsetting phenomenon is generated. Because in the nip part there is electric field generat ed by grounding a rotating shaft 11 of a roll 10 which is in the direction where the toner is pulled to a recording body P as well as the Coulomb's force of repulsive force of the electrical charge on the surface of the film 7, the offset ting is prevented by the Coulomb's repulsive force between particles and the electrical field. Thus, the image of high quality can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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