Receiver equipment for moving body


PURPOSE:To enhance the adaptability by providing a discriminating means for inputting and selecting separately signals from two front and rear collector shoes which can come into contact simultaneously with two front and rear blocks of an insulator of a signal transmission line. CONSTITUTION:In a signal processor 14 of a receiver, outputs are provided to a discriminating device 39 from information resolving devices 42, 43 of two signal input devices 37, 38. Front and rear collector shoes 17a, 17b can come into contact with different blocks by placing an insulator 8 between them and when the collector shoes 17a, 17b are separated from a transmission line 7, a signal of the discriminating device 39 detected by impedance converters 40, 41 is selected. For instance, to a signal selecting circuit 50, a priority mode selecting signal and two error signals Ha, Hb are inputted, and from the signal selecting circuit 50 of a prescribed logical structure, a front side collector ring selecting signal Ja and a rear side collector shoe selecting signal Jb are outputted. According to this receiving equipment of a moving body, the adaptability is improved extremely.




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