PURPOSE: To provide a towing fish preserve capable of being towed at high speeds and substantially not weakening fishes when towed, by disposing a plurality of ballast tanks in the double walls in the bottom and both sides of the main body thereof having a ship-like outer shape and further disposing water passages in the bottom and both the front sides of the main tank. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of ballast tanks 52, 53... are disposed in the double wall portions at the bottom and both the sides of a ship-shaped main body 1 whose longitudinal length is longer than the lateral width of the main body and in which the lateral width at the front portion of the main body is gradually narrowed in the front direction, and a fish tank 14 is formed on the inside of the main body surrounded with the wall portions. Water passages 57 are disposed in the bottom of the fish tank, and closable water passages 28 are also disposed in both the front sides of the fish tank. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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