Damper rod lifting method and device thereof and damper rod holding member used therefor


PURPOSE: To lift a rod with one cylinder, by pressing a press member to a damper main body by a cylinder member and also moving up the cylinder member with the reaction force thereof, and moving up a damper rod holding member with its linkage therewith. CONSTITUTION: A U shaped support plate 24 is fixed to a slide body 24a which slides along a guide rail 16, a cylinder part 20a of a rod lifting cylinder 20 and the upper part of a damper rod holding member 22 are fitted. A press plate 20c is fitted to the piston rod 20b tip of the cylinder 20, and a damper member B is pressed by a press member 18 when the cylinder 20 is actuated in the state of the press member 18 being turned forward. Also a damper rod B2 is held with the 2nd member 22b of the holding member 22 inside being descended, the cylinder 20 is moved up and also the holding member is moved up with the reaction force when the damper member B is pressed in this state, and the damper rod B2 is lifted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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