Video transfer processor


PURPOSE: To prolong the life of a lamp by providing a lighting control means which controls lighting of an illumination lamp from the electronic camera side. CONSTITUTION: A video transfer adapter 1A provided with an illumination lamp 2 which projects the picture on a film 6, an electronic camera 10A which is set to this adapter 1A and transfers and records the projected picture to a recording medium B, and a lighting control means A which controls lighting of an illumination lamp 2 from the side of the electronic camera 10A are provided. A lighting means A' which lights the illumination lamp 2 only in the recording mode of the electronic camera 10A is provided. The illumination lamp 2 of the video transfer adapter 1A is lit only at the time of requiring it for picture transfer, and the illumination lamp 2 is lit only when the electronic camera 10S is set to the recording mode. Thus, the life of the lamp is prolonged, and the power consumption of the lamp is reduced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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