Liquid crystal laminate


PURPOSE: To obtain the laminate which is free from nonuniformity in light transmitivity and has a high grade by providing synthetic resin spacers which do not dissolve and swell in a resin liquid. CONSTITUTION: The granular spacers of the liquid crystal laminate formed by inserting a cured resin layer dispersedly contg. liquid crystal drops and the granular spacers into the spacing between a pair of electrode plates consist of one or ≥2 kinds of the granular bodies selected from the granular bodies of a crosslinking type polymethyl methacrylate resin, the granular bodies of a crosslinking type polystyrene resin, the granular bodies of a crosslinking type polydivinyl benzene resin, and the granular bodies of a benzoguanamine resin. The crosslinking type resins have excellent solvent resistance and the spacers are held constant without changing the shapes and grain sizes thereof even if the spacers molded of such resins are mixed with the synthetic resin liquid. Particularly the sphericity characteristic thereof does not change. The spacers having the high sphericity characteristic and the narrow grain size distribution range are easily obtd. in such a manner. The inter-electrode spacing of the liquid crystal laminate is thereby held to the specified spacing of an extremely local displacement over the entire surface of the liquid crystal laminate. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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