Acceleration detector


PURPOSE: To enable an acceleration detection device to output an acceleration signal accurately without vibrating it by a method wherein a board mounted with the acceleration detection device which detects an acceleration in a certain direction is rotated by a rotating device. CONSTITUTION: A semiconductor acceleration detection device 1 is rotated by a rotating device 7, and when an angle θ of rotation is set to 90°, an acceleration detected by the detection device 1 is equal to 0G (0m/S 2 ) which is the product of an applied gravitational acceleration 6 and the cosine of the angle 1 of rotation of a board 2 to a horizontal direction 10. When the device 1 is further rotated to make the rotation angle θ equal to 180°, a detected acceleration 9 is equal to -1G. Therefore, an acceleration ranging from -1G to +1G can be applied to the semiconductor acceleration detection device 1. As mentioned above, a semiconductor acceleration detection device is rotated, whereby an acceleration ranging from -1G to +1G can be applied, so that an output characteristic of high accuracy can be obtained for the acceleration applied to the acceleration detection device. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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