Grill cooker


PURPOSE: To ensure good combustive state of upper and lower burners, and to widen the effective cooking-space, by a method wherein a catalytic member formed so as to bear an oxidation catalyst in a ceramic-formed body having a number of vent holes therein, is buried so that the opening part of the catalytic member is located on the ceiling part in a heating chamber, and an upper heating source is located on the downstream side of the catalytic member and in the exhaust pathway of a place in which the catalytic member and a grill receive heat effectively. CONSTITUTION: As cooking progresses, fumes dispersed from a food 15 being cooked are heated on the upstream side thereof by a lower burner 8 and on the downstream side thereof by an infrared burner 14. While passing through a number of vent holes 12 in a catalytic member 13 reaching an activation temperature already, the fumes are subjected to oxidation and decomposition action by the catalytic member 13, and most of them are decomposed into steam and carbon dioxide. After that, while in contact with filmy flames on the infrared burner 14 just above, the fumes are perfectly burned, and are finally exhausted from an exhaust port 10 as the flow of almost smokeless, odorless exhaust. In this way, the fumes from the food to be cooked are prevented from reattaching to the food being cooked, and excellent cooking results can be maintained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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