Picture processing unit


PURPOSE: To decrease the circuit scale, to reduce the cost and to adjust the sharpness by correcting an input picture signal with a filter signal generated based on at least one picture signal among picture signals inputted by color. CONSTITUTION: An original picture is read and scanned by image sensors 1-3, from which R, G, B color component outputs are outputted for each line, inputted to shading circuits 10-12 via an amplifier 4 and A/D converter circuits 7-9, the shading component of each color component is eliminated, the distance between the sensors 1 and 3 is corrected by delay memories 13, 14, and the signal read position of the R, G components is made coincident with that of the B component equivalently. A filter circuit 15 delays the G component to apply edge emphasis. a center picture signal, a filter signal, and the R and B components are inputted to a correction circuit 16, in which a color signal and a filter signal are multiplied to correct the sharpness, a gain is multiplied with the filter signal to correct the sharpness and R, G, B signals are outputted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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